We weld together

Nirotech is characterized by many years of experience and high quality standards. As a specialized contract manufacturer for stainless steel products, Nirotech offers a wide range of manufacturing processes such as metal cutting and non-cutting shaping, thermal cutting, welding and surface finishing. The company attaches great importance to close cooperation with customers and suppliers in order to develop and implement individual solutions. In doing so, Nirotech relies on modern technologies and continuous training of its employees. With certification to EN ISO 3834-3, EN1090-2 and ISO9001:2015 as well as a high level of environmental awareness, Nirotech also demonstrates responsibility for quality, environmental protection and sustainability.

About us

Nirotech is a reliable partner for the production, mechanical processing and surface finishing of stainless steel. We are a contract manufacturing company with many years of experience and are proud to supply customers in all areas of industry. Our partners value our quality, reliability and flexibility. We offer customized solutions for mechanical engineering and support our customers from sheet metal production to the assembly of subassemblies and complete plants.


Our mission at Nirotech is to provide our customers with customized solutions that meet their needs and expectations through our passion for stainless steel and our commitment to quality and service. We work closely with our customers to understand their individual needs and successfully support them with our many years of experience and expertise in sheet metal processing, welded constructions, steel construction, mechanical engineering and many other areas.


The vision of being the first choice in the stainless steel industry by continuously investing in our people, skills and technology and differentiating ourselves from the competition through our unwavering focus on quality and service allows us to grow to meet the challenges of customer requirements. Our goal is to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers and to promote their success through our passion for stainless steel and our commitment to excellence.



We place the highest value on the quality of our products and services to meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers.


We always act honestly, openly and transparently and adhere to our ethical and moral standards.


We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our skills and technologies in order to always offer our customers the best solutions.


We work closely with our customers and partners to achieve joint success and build long-term relationships based on trust.


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions and contribute to the well-being of our employees, customers, partners and the environment.



To meet the requirements of our customers and efficient manufacturing of our products, we decided to invest in a new bed milling machine. With advanced technology and high quality machinery, we can not only improve the quality of our products, but also reduce the production time and ensure faster delivery. We are convinced that this investment will enable us to continue to operate successfully in the market and offer our customers the best possible solutions.


In order to be able to meet the growing requirements in the future and to meet the increasing demand for our products, we have decided to expand our production areas by two additional halls. With this step, we are not only creating additional capacity, but also the basis for efficient and modern production that meets the highest quality standards while flexibly responding to the individual wishes of our customers.


After being founded as a subsidiary of KUAG and successfully establishing itself in the market, Nirotech is now managed as an independent company and can draw on the experience and expertise of the parent company to continue offering high-quality products and services in the field of metal processing.


The construction of a pickling and glass bead blasting line represents a significant investment in manufacturing technology that will enable us to improve the quality and reliability of our products while increasing the efficiency and productivity of our manufacturing processes.


By adding another hall to our production area, we can increase our capacity and offer our customers an even wider range of high-quality products and services. With the additional space, we can also introduce new manufacturing technologies and processes to produce even more efficiently and competitively. We pride ourselves on always providing the best possible quality and flexibility to our customers and look forward to further enhancing our service offering through the expansion of our production space.


EN ISO9001 certification for our quality management system confirms our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, as well as our ability to deliver products and services reliably and effectively by adhering to strict quality standards and procedures and conducting regular internal audits and reviews to ensure that our QM system is always up to date and meets the requirements of our customers and the market.


By diversifying its business, KUAG has established a new subsidiary specializing in the production and distribution of high-quality metal parts. Nirotech is the result of this strategic decision and is managed as an independent subsidiary within the KUAG Group. With a strong focus on quality, innovation and customer orientation, Nirotech strives to establish itself as a leading supplier in the industry and achieve sustainable growth.


In the course of strategic expansion and to ensure long-term competitiveness, the Austrian group of companies KUAG has decided to take a 50% stake in the company and thus enter into a close partnership. As a result of this alliance, a new production hall will be built to expand the company’s capacity and increase production efficiency.


A Slovakian subcontractor operating as a supplier of the KUAG group of companies for high-quality stainless tanks has attracted attention due to its excellent performance and the high quality of its products. The cooperation with this supplier has helped to increase the company’s production efficiency and competitiveness, and demonstrates the successful implementation of our strategy of focusing on long-term and trusting business relationships with our partners.