The Company

Nirotech is a highly-specialised contract-manufacturing enterprise for machining and processing of stainless steel, and assembly of assemblies and total systems for the machine tool industry.

The company, which was founded as a family company in 1996, was acquired in 2001 by the Austrian Kuag Group, and renamed NIROTECH. Currently Nirotech employs more than 100 people and supplies a wide variety of industries throughout Europe. (Including plastics, machine tools, food industry, mining, etc.)

Customers from England, Germany, Finland, for example, and naturally from Austria, purchase production parts, as well as completely assembled assemblies according to their specifications. A milestone was the erection of an additional manufacturing or assembly hall with a total capacity of 3000 m² in 2008. Currently the overall company site is approx. 12,000 m² with a total hall capacity of approx. 8,000 m².
We are producing approx. 250 to Stainless Steel per year.

Continuous investment in the enterprise is the prerequisite for satisfying the increasing customer needs over the long-term.