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Niro, VA 400, V4A, V2A…

Everything revolves around stainless steel, for you, as a team we bend with corners and edges, work with polish and are totally drilled in quality.

Welcome to a special type of service provider!


Certified since 2004 in accordance with ISO 9001:2008



  • In addition, our welders are certified in accordance with
    DIN EN 287-1 for welding processe 131 ( MIG ) , 135 ( MAG ) und 141 ( WIG ) for group of material black steel and stainless steel and  EN 9606-2 für Aluminium
  • Quality of welding to EN ISO 5817
  • Qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials  to EN ISO 15614-1 (WPQR) for  131 (MIG), 135 (MAG) und 141 (WIG) for steel groups steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • EN ISO 6520-1 for visible testing of weldings
  • Technical support from our welding engineer ( EWE-EUROPEAN WELDING ENGINEER ) to EN 473 ( qualification and zertification form personal and nondestructive evalutation and  IWE - INTERNATIONAL WELDING ENGINEER )




Purchase of new MTE BF 4200

we made investment of a new bed milling maching with x = 4m. this will bring a lot of more...


New glass bead blasting facility and pickling hall is ready !

The new spray pickling and glass bead blasting technology is now ready and in action. This...